June 2010

WHERE'S THE BUYER? Whether you're growing, selling or turning around a business, only one questions matters, says Peter Dubens.

* The money machine: He’s one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs-turned-investors, but you won’t have heard about him. Until now. Meet Peter Dubens.

* The new social entrepreneurs: From ethical pants to package-free food, we profile a dozen entrepreneurs who are making a difference to Britain’s future.

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* Britain’s finest gathered at our Entrepreneurs’ Summit in May. Read the highlights here.

* “Why run a business at all, when it seems we could all make a living from filling in forms and being inspected?” Ross Clark declares war on over-regulation.

* Buy Candy: Eel-skinned handbags, gold-embroidered pinstripes and superyachts, you can have it all.

* Real crisis, real value: They love their lawyers, are sceptical of audit firms and don’t even get them started on the banks. Our FDs’ Excellence Survey uncovers it all.

* 27 ways to triple your traffic: Our ultimate guide to getting you on top of Google. Time for you to start pimping your keywords and get plugged in.

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