Wonga Future 50: Eat Balanced

Healthy food. How can that be new? Well, it is, and it could be huge.

There are some people, such as former BBC Dragon Doug Richard, who believe that, following Big Tobacco, Big Food is the next great public enemy.

Whether the mega food manufacturers change willingly, or are regulated into action, Eat Balanced is the kind of business that looks set to seize the moral – and commercial – high ground and, in so doing, change an enormous global market.

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The small company has created a range of pizzas that provide 30 per cent of all daily required nutrients, but with none of the heart-attack inducing levels of saturated fats and salt found in normal pizzas. The products have been developed with Professor Mike Lean (don’t you just love his name?), head of human nutrition at University of Glasgow.

In fact, you’ll be getting quite a dose of fibre, carbs, minerals and vitamins from an Eat Balanced pizza.

And what is the reaction of the food industry to the health pizza concept?

The nutrition manager at Waitrose calls it, “Just the sort of product innovation the UK requires”; and Eat Balanced got effusive praise from the boss of Scotland Food & Drink and the dietician from Channel 4’s Food Hospital series.

You don’t need us to remind just how big the pizza market is in the UK alone.

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