Wonga Future 50: Flossie Crums

The education sector is surely the next great opportunity for disruption. Here's a small business aiming to create a branded platform for the new age of schooling. Is this the new Peppa Pig?

Education is going through the most profound changes since the invention of the printing press, with online tuition offering tailor-made packages for every learner.

But some things can not be taught online.

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Flossie Crums teaches children about food and baking in a way no online course can rival.

Children learn the art of baking by following the adventures of Flossie Crums, a seven-and -three-quarter year old girl who also happens to be Royal Baker to King Saffron and Queen Rosie, of “The Kingdom of Romolonia” (located in the chestnut tree at the bottom of her garden). Children read the books, follow the recipe, and learn to bake.

The emphasis is on nutrition and cooking skills.

To date, thousands of school children have followed the Flossie Crums course. Flossie has appeared on a staggering nine million bags of McDougalls flour and now has two licences with major FMCG brands. Her “junior range icing range” with Renshaw Napier, has sold in excess of 250,000 units in the first three months trading. A range of scales and kitchen timers will hit the shelves for Christmas 2012.

We’ve seen how Dora the Explorer introduced unconscious language learning to school children. And we’ve noted the awesome commercial prowess of Peppa Pig. Flossie Crums is a fusion of both approaches. It has the potential to combat ignorance of the kitchen, and the affiliated problems of obesity and poor table manners in children, while providing a goldmine for founder Helen Nathan, a former chef at Claridges.

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