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This small UK firm aims to make the UK a world leader in global philanthropy. Go guys...

There are great ways to give to charity via the web (Zarine Kharas’s Justgiving has been a real outlier UK business). Right now, the mobile offerings are not of the same standard.

This is the domain of Developed by Southampton-based Polestar Digital Media, the app offers an array of options for charitable activities.

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Individuals who want to support their favourite cause can make donations (of up to £10,000) to any charity via SMS, using PayPal.

Charities can “push” news content to their donors through the application on a daily basis where they can be shared seamlessly using Facebook, Twitter or email. It’s also possible to make a donation directly from a news story at the click of a button (this is the interesting zone of immersive marketing).

Mobile is great for individuals looking for a straightforward way to fundraise: users just log in to the application, register themselves as a fundraiser, choose the charity they are raising money for, and start collecting the dosh.

The application includes an inbuilt QR code scanner enabling fast and secure donations to be made directly from a mobile handset, helping reduce the £1.2bn of fraud that the charity sector is subjected to every year.

And so the features go on… The application has automated gift aid collection built in, which tops up eligible donations by an additional 25 per cent. This is a key element to the application as it assists the charities in capturing the estimated £1bn in revenue lost every year due to the difficulty in capturing these details.

And we like the scale of the firm’s ambition. Says Graham Turner: “we have plans to make giveonthemobile a worldwide application and will become the leading mobile engagement platform for global philanthropy – a first for the UK”. made a huge impact on charity fundraising. Might do the same?

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