Wonga Future 50: OnApp

The “federated cloud” is a big new idea in cloud computing, pioneered by OnApp CEO Ditlev Bredahl

Cloud computing the biggest trend in technology right now, and OnApp is one of the firms making it happen.

OnApp doesn’t offer consumer services itself, rather it supplies software and services to cloud computing providers. Since it launched its OnApp Cloud service it now powers an estimated one in three public clouds around the world.

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Employing 110 staff and with offices in the UK, US, Ukraine and Malaysia, OnApp gets more than 80 per cent of its business overseas. For example, OnApp now supplies major players in the cloud industry, including GMO, the largest cloud provider in Japan; Peer1, a listed Canadian company with international presence; and pan-European telco KPN.

Aside from OnApp’s impressive performance – its Content Delivery Network has three times the number of locations as Amazon’s rival CloudFront service – the company stands out as an industry leader, creating a global marketplace that makes it easy for members to buy and sell cloud capacity. This concept of “the federated cloud” empowers the smaller players and enables data centre owners to monetise idle capacity by selling it through the federation.

We like outliers, and OnApp feels like one.

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