Wonga Future 50: Snappli

The market: the mobile internet. The problem: too slow. The opportunity: huge.

Surfing the net on a mobile is slow. Snappli changes that.

Snappli compresses, optimises and secures mobile internet data, and is the only service to offer video compression. Snappli reduces data by up to 85 per cent and its proprietary “Speed Boost” technology accelerates mobile browsing by up to 2x.

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The Snappli video compression service is particularly good. It cuts down on YouTube data, for example, saving around 30 per cent on YouTube data. With “all-you-can-eat” packages being phased out, it’s of real benefit to web-addicted mobile users.

The business is co-located in the US and UK, but with its CEO based in London, we wanted it on our list. The founding team previously founded ScanSafe, the pioneering cloud based security provider that started in the UK and was acquired by Cisco for $183m.

As data usage soars, Snappli becomes more and more vital. If you’re looking for big ideas that will create and change markets, it’s a shoo-in.

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