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The media industry controls the channels to consumers, right? Erm, not any more...

ECNlive screens stream live news and information as well as brand advertising into more than 100 of the most prominent corporate buildings in London such as the Gherkin, Tower 42 and CityPoint. The firm calls itself “the executive communication network”.

Led by Antony Ceravolo, a founder of Lovefilm.com, ECNlive uses digital technology to enhance traditional concepts of poster advertising and communications within the corporate environment.

There are two sides to the business: advertising and services. ECNlive enables brands to maximise the potential of internet-connected, digital display advertising technology and reach business audiences. It currently reaches more than 450,000 UK business executives in London.

Content includes global and national news, financial and sports up-dates, weather and travel information, updated in real-time.

Advertisers using the network include British Airways, IBM, BMW, ITV, Vodafone, American Express, Sony, Westfield, Hugo Boss and Nokia.

The network reaches a range of London’s leading businesses from multinational banks to technology giants, fashion and media companies to dynamic start-ups. Companies within the network include Citi, UBS, Google, Lloyds TSB, KPMG, Sky, Hewlett Packard, HSBC, Coutts, JP MorganChase, Barclays and Telegraph Media Group.

We have no profit figures yet for the firm, founded in 2009, but the client roster and powerful reach of the network are already impressive; and there's no obvious obstacle to scaling.

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