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“FinTech” firms are speeding financial market trading (while covering risks in real time). The UK has a superstar in the making in this specialist field

FinTech (Financial Technology) is a sector on the brink of a boom. By using advanced software traders can dominate markets, analysts can find hidden value and companies can manage their transactions and risk profiles with increasing competence.

Gold-i is a strong example of the new breed of FinTech firms.

Founder Tom Higgins is a former CTO in the City with over 22 years’ experience in financial technology.

His firm Gold-i has developed a suite of products including the Gold-i Gate Bridge, its flagship product, which connects brokers’ trading systems to global banks. The Gold-i Gate Bridge enables brokers to connect to external liquidity providers, automatically covering all retail broker risks with banks in real time. It gives retail brokers the same tools as institutional brokers, creating a level playing field.

The company has grown fast to 12 employees, and Higginss vision is, within five years, to be the trading systems integrator of choice for all foreign exchange and contracts for difference (CFD) for brokers and banks, globally.

He's already making good progress to achieving this.

In just two years, Gold-i has built up a client base in Europe, USA, Asia, Australasia and the Middle East. Current clients include CitiFXPro, AC Markets, Cantor Fitzgerald, MIGBank, London Capital Group, Gain Capital, The Collective FX, One World Financial, FX Markets and Sucden Financial. Gold-i is currently working on eight large-scale integrations with global impact.

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