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What's the future for print, many ask. Take a look at printed.com

Print is an old fashioned trade. Many printers still yearn for a return to the analogue era, when their skills were respected (and commanded a high premium!).

Sadly for them, the future rests with the model developed by printed.com.

It offers a one-stop online shop for printing jobs of all sizes. And it's aggressively chewing up a big chunk of the market.

Alongside providing SMEs with direct printing, printed.com also offers its facilities to support smaller printers fulfil jobs which exceed their capacity. To support this, printed.com uses unbranded packaging so it can directly fulfil orders on behalf of other printers without the customer being aware that their job had been outsourced.

Since launching in 2011, the company has accelerated in growth to become the UK’s largest digital print facility, employing 50 staff between its two offices in London and Newcastle and will hit an estimated turnover of £4m by the end of 2012.

Driven hard by founder Nicholas Green, the ambition is simple: "to build printed.com into the easiest and biggest site on the internet for buying digital print through".

It's hard to see any other model competing.

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