Everline Future 50

Mobile advertising is a feature of this year's high-potential firms. The UK has a strong pedigree in the traditional advertising space, so we'd like to think the new generation can become the WPPs of the future

StrikeAd is our second mobile advertising platform in the Wonga Future 50, alongside Mobile Future Group.

It offers a mobile ad campaign planning service, letting agencies buy, optimise and measure mobile ad campaigns.

The firm also enables “real time bidding”, the astonishingly tailored way of creating bespoke ads depending on the preferences of each individual viewer; as well as paying varying amounts for each slot depending on the commercial attractiveness of each viewer.

StrikeAd was founded by Alex Rahaman in 2010 and is backed by DFJ Esprit, raising $4.5m to date. Prior to StrikeAd, Alex spun out a global ad exchange, OpenX, to Index and Accel, and sold the parent to Orange in 2009 where he then ran their mobile advertising. He saw the issues media buyers faced with poor technologies in the new mobile ad channel. Rahaman set up the company in London but is moving to NYC and growing their presence there.

Turnover grew 550 per cent from 2011 to 2012, and it employs 64 – both are growing at a rapid clip.

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