Which Wonga Future 50 company deserves to be crowned the People's Champion 2012? Vote and view the results here.

For months, Real Business has been working, in association with Wonga, to find the most disruptive and innovative young companies in Britain: the Wonga Future 50.

We were absolutely overwhelmed by the quality of submissions, of which there were more than 150. After sifting through all of the entries, our excellent panel of judges whittled the Wonga Future 50 companies down to 50 – view the winners here.

Congratulations to all of the Wonga Future 50 firms! 

There remains just one special award left: the People's Champion. 

Vote for one of the ten companies below (which were the judges' ten favourite companies of the Future 50 list). Drum up as much support as you can – share your vote on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. 

Which company excites you the most? Which company should be crowned the "People's Champion"? 

Vote below.

Voting is now closed. The winner will be announced on Real Business in due course.

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