30 to Watch in Mobile

30 to Watch in Mobile: SwiftKey, the intelligent keypad that learns to predict how you text

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Language prediction technology

Need to email or text fast? Then SwiftKey might be what you are looking for. Like a mini-robot in your hand, SwiftKey presents the first touchscreen keypad with Artificial Intelligence technology to speed up texting and emailing on a phone. SwiftKey uses cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology to understand a user’s context – resulting in predictions so accurate they have been labelled “spooky”and “eerie”.

It analyses users' input from the moment they glide their finger across the screen. With 'Flow Through Space', users can 'flow' entire phrases without lifting their finger, simply by passing over the spacebar between words. SwiftKey also observes how you interact with a device's screen to make improvements over time. Available in 60 languages, you can you up to three simultaneously, providing a truly multilingual typing experience.

Its award-winning consumer app of the same name was Android's best-selling paid app of 2012 and remains Google Play UK's most popular paid app.

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