30 to Watch in Mobile

30 to Watch in Mobile: Mubaloo, bespoke apps to client requirements

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Mobile app consultancy

Mubaloo is a mobile app consultancy and development house that has delivered over 170 apps for B2E, B2B and B2C. The company plans and delivers an entire mobility strategy to help organisations engage with consumers, reduce business process management and improve employee collaboration and productivity.

Each app is bespoke to clients requirements. For the gaming industry, Mubaloo built a spread betting platform that was designed for the mobile user and could easily integrate with existing legacy infrastructure. For the financial industry, Mubaloo built one of Europe's earliest trading platforms.

In January, Mubaloo was listed by SourceLine as the top mobile app developer outside of the US. They also became EE's official customised mobile app partner for their business customers. Currently, Mubaloo is working with 26 leading companies. The company is a big hitter in the apps world, with superb growth prospects.

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