Future 50 2011

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Have you made the cut in the list of Britain's most promising and exciting startups? Here are the shortlisted candidates of the Future 50, in association with Red Bull.

After spending the Summer hunting for ambitious and exceptional startups and young companies, we've now got the Future 50 shortlist.

We received nearly 200 fantastic entries for the Future 50, from fields as varied as nanotech, motorsport, green energy and fashion. 

We've now whittled the list down to 87 shortlisted companies, which you can see below. The judges have received information on all of the companies.

Their fate is now in the judges' hands. They're tasked with selecting the 50 firms that have the power to grow, disrupt and generate serious profits.

Congratulations to the shortlisted companies – find out who has made the Future 50 in the Autumn edition of Real Business, out on September 27. 

Shortlisted Future 50 companies:

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