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We know the winners but what were the scores from this year's Real FD/CBI FDs' Excellence Awards?

We polled more than 750 UK finance directors for the customer satisfaction section of the excellence awards. The FDs ranked their service providers on metrics such as quality and customer service. The winners are the companies that secured the highest level of ratings.Audit firm (Big Four)

Ernst & Young                        7.5KPMG                                       7.5PricewaterhouseCoopers   7.26Deloitte                                    6.85

Audit firm (outside the Big Four)

Grant Thornton           7.76Baker Tilly                    7.63BDO Stoy Hayward    7.59Horwath                       7.5Mazars                         7.26Tenon                          7.11PKF                              6.73


Lloyds TSB    9.11HSBC             7.25RBS                7Natwest         6.71Barclays        6.43

Financial software provider                     

Exchequer                   8.83Access Accounting    8.72Sage Line 50              7.34Iris                                 7.25Great Plains                7.13Open Accounts           7.09Sage Line 500            7.06Pegasus Opera II       6.89Sage MMS                    6.85Sun Systems               6.68(Systems Union)

Financial recruitment agencyMichael Page   6.4Robert Half       6.39Reed                  6.27Hays                   6.18Related articlesWinners of the 2008 Real FD/CBI FDs' Excellence Awards announcedWhat a night!

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