· By founder Adam Twidell on Red Bull Hangar-7, burning cash and space tourism.

Adam Twidell

Name: Adam Twidell

Age: Not quite 40! 

Company: We're an online booking network for private jet hire.

Turnover: £3m

First job: Aged 10, I delivered bread rolls at 5am on a Saturday morning to neighbours in Glasgow. I then expanded the bread empire into lunch-time delivery of filled rolls to pupils (and some teachers) at school for some extra dough! 

Dream job: Brand ambassador and pilot at Red Bull Hangar-7.

Car: On the road, a Vespa (50cc). In the air, a Citation XLS (8,000lbs thrust).

Economy, business or first class: It's either easyJet or private jet – nothing in between.

Most extravagant purchase: I've just bought a £7,000 woodburner. How's that for burning cash?

Most-played song on your iPod: "Set Fire to the Rain" by Adele.

Best business book: White Tiger by Aravind Adiga. Offers a must-read insight into the Asian entrepreneur's business mindset. 

Worst business moment: Seeing Virgin launch a similar online private jet product with massive media exposure.

Proudest business moment: beating Boeing into second place in Flight International's Website Of The Year award category.

Your business mentor: PrivateFly's chairman Richard Carrick who, among many other things, has taught me to focus on the one or two key things in any business situation. 

Next big thing: Space tourism. I can't wait to see Virgin Galactic’s launch. We are witnessing "one huge step" in aviation’s relatively short 100-year history.

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