The typical working day of nine successful business leaders

When you’re leading a fast-growth business it can often be hard to prioritise and remain productive, so Real Business has found out how nine high flyers construct their typical working day.

Simon Joyce, director of Anchor Vans

What time do you get up, and why?

I get up at 6.50am. I’m often late to bed and better off getting everything ready the night before and streamlining my mornings.

What do you like to do with your time between getting up and leaving for the office?

Normally, breakfast and some yoga – some days I even remember to get dressed.

How glued to technology are you in the morning?

I’ll often quickly catch up on breaking news but otherwise technology just gets in the way of getting to work in the mornings.

How do you break up a typical working day, what do you find is important?

More often than not I cycle or run to work. This is a great opportunity to clear my head. I love a coffee in the morning and a cup of tea in the afternoon. I often have to remind myself to break for lunch rather than grazing all day.

I get so much more done after a 15/20 minute break away from the computer for lunch. A lot of my day is spent problem solving with members of my sales team so often I have more of an issue focusing on one task than breaking up my day.

What unusual quirks do you have to ensure you’re productive and efficient?

Whilst I’m massively into technology and pride myself on being at the leading edge of technological developments, I’m a big fan of a physical diary and a good old fashioned to-do list.

What personal time do you like to set aside, and why?

A cycle, run or swim most days. After that, I focus on getting time in with my wife and two boys.

What tools (technological or otherwise) are useful for you?

My iPhone is invaluable. It allows me to stay in touch with the business, keep tabs on my team and marketing and fix problems wherever I am. I have focused on integrated platforms within the business to streamline my effectiveness outside of the office.

How do you try and switch off in the evening, if at all?

My wife and I love a good box set.

What is your one mantra for a good work/life balance?

Organisation – I am terribly unorganised but my wife is exceptionally organised and takes all the stress out of private life, allowing me to focus solely on work. I simply wouldn’t be effective without her support.

If you could swap days with one person who would it be?

I think it would be Jenson Button. My wife has a crush on him and he gets to drive fast cars and train for triathlons all day long.

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