Exclusive Richard Branson tips: Entrepreneurs are only as strong as their network

Real Business has secured seven exclusive Richard Branson tips, in which the Virgin boss has detailed the importance of entrepreneurial networks.

(5) To run a business, you must understand other businesses

Running a business successfully involves looking at the bigger picture and seeing how other businesses are working. Understand what challenges are out there. Think locally and globally. 

Virgin Holidays works closely with the Caribbean, which is why we want to support entrepreneurs there. Working closely with them means we can raise the game of entrepreneurship globally and lead the charge by uniting small business with global companies.  

(6) Sharing your goals with others helps you motivate one another

Seeing your peers’ success and sharing your achievements with them gives you a sense of camaraderie and drives you on. 

At the opening of the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in Kingston, I met some brilliant businessmen and women and got to try their products. I was inspired by their innovative, creative spirit and appreciated the chance to talk to them about their journeys and share some of my own stories.

(7) No matter what level you are, you never stop learning 

Your learning doesn’t end when you become a managing director; true entrepreneurial spirit comes from a desire to continue to improve and learn. 

It’s this mentality to always strive, learn and evolve that means everyone can take on the world.

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