Julie Meyer: business advice on running an SME in the recession

Online Dragon and founder of Ariadne Capital Julie Meyer tells Real Business why the recession is a great time to start up a business and what makes an entrepreneur attractive to investors. Check out her comments from the Entrepreneurs' Summit 2009.

"Why is a recession a great time to start a business?" asks Meyer. "There’s less competition. And you can get great people for less money."

Speaking at the Real Business Entrepreneurs’ Summit earlier this year, Julie Meyer, who heads up consultancy firm Ariadne Capital, shares her tips for entrepreneurs on surviving the downturn, raising investment and the benefits of building an international firm.

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Are you an entrepreneur looking to raise finance? Here are some handy tips to make you irresistable to possible investors.

Are you balking at taking your business global. Meyer provides advice for skittish entrepreneurs on why it is imperative to take your business international, even during a recession.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to cut costs in your business. Here are Meyer’s tips on running a lean operation, from hiring a great FD to incentivising all your staff with revenue goals.

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