12 fictional characters that leaders can learn from

Movies, TV programs and books have played a part in our lives for decades. So, from Darth Vader and Walter White to Iron Man and James T. Kirk, here are 12 fictional characters from which every leader can learn valuable lessons from.

1. Aragon Elessar

From: Lord of the Rings

Although Aragon isn’t tasked with destroying the ring, nor taking it toward destruction, he protects Frodo for as long as he can. Even when separated, Aragon goes out of his way to create diversions to help Frodo enter Mordor. The point is that in the midst of chaos, and probably a tremendous amount of stress, Argon always stays focussed on the task at hand. In that same sense, remember your beginning goal and never be tempted to stray from your beliefs, not even for all the money in the world… or in this case, a ring.

Even with companies now pulling out of the recession it’s a battle out there! Just remember that no one should get left behind. When Merry and Pippin have been kidnapped by orcs, Aragon diverts from the original quest to save his team– where they spend a multitude of chapters merely running. Staff members have all most likely given something up to see the business through the recession, so throw them a lifeline and help, all be it merely listening to their problems. If not, you stand a good chance of loosing loyal and exceptional talent to competitors.

All in all, Argon demands the best from those around him, knows his own limits, likes to get his hands dirty – he’s literally King, but would rather be part of the quest as a ranger – and puts the good of the whole above his own welfare. With great power comes great responsibility, and Aragon is the perfect role model of someone who leverages it not only to benefit others, but the future kingdom as well.

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