The most expensive corporate gift list you’ll ever find

To go with your chocolate advent calendar, we’ve produced our own version of a countdown – unveiling extraordinarily expensive corporate gift ideas for clients.

12 December – A toilet of all things

That’s right, we’re putting a toilet on the list. And before we allude why, we’re going to mention that it has technology by the bucket load somewhere within it. We’re talking music capability – both wireless and through auxiliary cable – and disco lights galore.


It doesn’t compare in price to the world’s most expensive toilet, but we think $4,995 is sound enough a price to show your client how much you really care.

Let’s be frank here, when you ever do buy someone a toilet it’s a definite sign you care as you would never buy one unless it’s truly necessary.

That’s why we think the K-3901 Numi is of corporate gift value – because if a client has gone out of their way to complain about a broken toilet, that means it’s had an obviously stressful impact on their life. So why not relieve them of the responsibility of finding a replacement?

If you know someone with toilet problems, you know what to do

Maybe the following corporate gift – said to increase productivity – is more up your client’s alley.

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