The most expensive corporate gift list you’ll ever find

To go with your chocolate advent calendar, we’ve produced our own version of a countdown – unveiling extraordinarily expensive corporate gift ideas for clients.

19 December – Podtime sleeping capsule

If you’ve ever watched a sci-fi movie with its characters making a long trek through space then you’ll have undoubtedly come across a scene where they either go to sleep or wake up in a sleeping pod of sorts. And if there’s one thing we know based on the Star Trek series is that future movies tend to inspire the creation of products.

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Sleeping pods are, after all, a reality – made famous by the likes of Silicon Valley firms Google and Facebook. Both companies have celebrated its advantages.

Who couldn’t imagine feeling rejuvenated after a quick nap or relaxation period in a sleeping pod?

But its not the preserve of larger firms – you can gift one of your smaller clients with a Podtime sleeping capsule, be it for a love of sci-fi movies or the offering of a well-rested workforce.

Why not a buy one that looks like it was produced by Weyland-Yutani?

If Weyland-Yutani isn’t your style then why not go for something a little more Harry Potter?

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