The most expensive corporate gift list you’ll ever find

To go with your chocolate advent calendar, we’ve produced our own version of a countdown – unveiling extraordinarily expensive corporate gift ideas for clients.

20 December – Anything made by RockPaperRobot

RockPaperRobot is one of those amazing places that mixes physics with furniture to produce something truly unique. That includes a coffee table made of floating cubes – held together by magnets – shelves made of the same concept that just won’t fall and robotic chandeliers that react whenever you stand underneath it.


Another product is the Ollie table, part of its transformable furniture range – hailed as perfect for small living conditions.

By utilising slatted surfaces, RockPaperRobot has been able to create products that are collapsable when not in use. A bar stool can flatten, for example, and the Ollie table’s surface is able to slide up the wall.

What’s more, a handful of the products fall nicely into our corporate list’s range of £1,000-£10,000. We don’t see many people declining such a futuristic present, so why not make one of its unusual products your next corporate gift?

But let’s focus more on the floating cube

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