British workers reveal the nightmare colleagues to work with

If you’re having trouble sleeping, turn back now – when it comes to nightmare colleagues, we’ve got commentary on employees from hell who will give you sleepless nights.

How do you define nightmare colleagues? Perhaps it’s someone who has a habit of whistling or singing. Maybe it’s the incessant tapping on their desk that drives you mad.

No to belittle your plight, but we’ve seen the true face of nightmare colleagues, and if the above is what you’re worried about – you really have nothing to fear.

Indeed, health & safety law consultancy has surveyed British workers to unearth the worst possible nightmare colleagues that have been discovered in the workplace.

Turns out, everything from extended toilet breaks to bare-knuckle brawling is all in a day’s work for these HR horrors.

And with HR and legalities in mind, the law firm was keen to highlight the difference between someone being quirky and a nightmare colleague – for misunderstanding the difference could leave employers on the wrong end of a lawsuit. spokesperson, Mark Hall, said: “There’s a fine line between employees who are a little bit ‘funny’ and those who make everybody else’s daily lives a nightmare.

“And because it seems that we’re living in a ‘kid glove’ culture, bosses are terrified of getting disciplinary procedures wrong and paying the price.”

Continue on the next page for the six worst nightmare colleagues discovered across the UK and see how your workplace dilemmas compare.

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