How to keep that amazing sales team in your company

The relationships the sales team builds with current or potential clients and customers can create the foundation of your company. Not just purely in terms of individual sales made but also in terms of reputation.

Motivate your sales team

Again this might sound obvious, but it’s all too easy for sales teams to become disengaged. In a competitive department such as sales, keeping consistent, open and fair communication running for the whole team throughout the year will all aid good morale. Recognition in the form of a thank you or simple gift for a great sales campaign or closing a new customer win will always go down well, especially if you take the time to write in person and physically send to a home address.

A good clear commission scheme is also imperative. It’s very important though that you are consistent and stick to a payment plan and don’t move the goal posts as this will lead to employee frustration. If an employee has earned their financial reward, then you should always be prepared to pay it. Also, knowing when to apply the pressure and when to ease off is crucial to keeping your team motivated. If you have a seasonal business, ease off during the non-essential times. That way when you do apply the pressure there will be a greater impact made by a motivated and ready team.

First impressions count

How you induct someone into the company is crucial. If they are instantly made to feel part of the team and valued, then there is a much stronger chance of them remaining as an employee for a long time.
It’s pivotal that you are fully prepared from day one, and this includes having everything already set up for them such as technology and access to essential documents. This will naturally show the standard you expect and make them up their game from the moment they start and be eager to make their stamp on the business.

Build your team roadmap

To really make sure you keep the best sales people in your company, you need to understand each individual’s aspirations and what they want to achieve out of working for you. Continually reviewing the roadmap will not only help them see how they can achieve their goals, it will help them see their improvements and overall progression.
Showing how a personal roadmap fits within the wider overall strategic plan of the business will demonstrate that you see them as an integral part of future growth. This will help to keep them motivated as they will see themselves as a key driver of the business and adding real value.

Retaining the best people within your sales team is essential for a business’ success. There are many ways you can ensure that top staff stay with your company for a long time; from hiring the right people at the start to providing tangible incentives to reward and recognise staff for great work. Making sure you have the best people in your sales department will help your business grow immeasurably.

Paul Turton is sales and customer service director at Powwownow.

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