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Where’s your focus?

This is the second in a series of posts prompted by responses to the annual 'FDs’ Satisfaction Survey', which was started by Real FD in 2001 and received over 1,500 submissions in 2014 alone.

How to plan your non-executive career

Many finance directors (FDs) harbour ambitions to transition from executive to non-executive (NXD) positions at some point in their career. However, understanding when this should be and knowing how to go about securing the first NXD role is not always easy.

Accounts & Tax
Tesco’s finance facilitators

There’s nothing new about controversial payments in supermarket supply chains or pressure form big retailers to force suppliers into penury. But one of the big lessons from Tesco’s latest troubles is that the finance function has a choice to make: be an enabler or a challenger of those kinds of unsustainable practices.

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