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30 Digital Champions: The former environmental health practitioner tackling regulatory compliance

Founded in 2003 by Mark Flanagan, who remains managing director of the business, Shieldyourself has garnered itself a reputation for exceptional quality standards – something that was reflected in its attainment of a Commendation for Excellence in 2014. We quizzed Flanagan about how the use of software and apps has enabled the company to beat away the competition.

How does your company carry out R&D?

It is most likely that an in-house team of experts carry out R&D perhaps with assistance from focus groups or market research but most of the time companies look inwards for inspiration. This can be restrictive and often leads to new products being evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

Understanding the expectation economy

Being a professional in a consumer-facing industry can feel like standing in the path of an avalanche – a constant stream of new products, services, campaigns and more pour into the marketplace every day. Meanwhile, the expectations of your customers cycle ever higher.

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