TV advertising isn’t a big brand luxury anymore

In truth, every business needs promotion in one form or another but TV is still thought of as a luxury, and something for the Google?s or Cadbury?s of the world. However, the past ten years has seen a number of significant shifts that has given every business the ability to advertise on TV. It?s no longer the playpen of the corporates and backed firms.

From four, to 200+ channels ? TV choice for viewers and brands alike

The arrival of Channel 4 and its advertising capacity thrilled UK brands who saw the potential of another channel. Despite that, the UK population was questioning whether we needed a fourth channel ? there were already three!

It?s great to now think that there are in excess of 300 channels to choose from through Sky, Freeview and many other streaming networks. The Internet and the Internet of Things (IoT) began some time ago ? and the population of the UK is embracing it, without even recognising it.

Not only are there more opportunities to advertise and therefore competition from each channel to grab brands ? in itself, forcing down pricing ? but there?s more diversity. The reason we are able to have 300 channels is because a huge proportion of them are niche and specialise in one are ? much like my Property TV channel. It does what it says on the tin.

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Again, this works well in today?s ROI driven world. Every channel ? assuming they are BARB registered ? can track how many people are watching certain programmes, where and what demographic they belong to. Absolute gold for brands as they track the success of advertising.

All sounds great, but isn?t TV suffering a slow, painful death due to the internet?

Not at all. According to BARB TV still reaches over 92 per cent of the population every week and we each watch an average of more than three hours of TV every day. Astonishing really. More importantly, we?re just watching the TV differently these days.

What we?re seeing today is the adoption of multi-screen whereby we are sat watching TV, while messaging others on our mobile phones, and checking emails on a laptop of tablet. This new way of watching actually makes it easier for a viewer to respond to adverts, no longer do they have to write the web address down ? they can go straight to it! Which, in itself, gives marketers yet another challenge ? how do you find your true audience for your product or service?

What does it mean for SMEs?

More communications channels, more choice to get to market simply means that SMEs and big brands can tailor their audience targeting better, and manage costs as a result. Therefore, TV advertising should be considered when looking at ways to promote your business. No matter what your budget is.

And don?t forget, in a recent IPA study of Advertising Effectiveness, none of the 1,000 marketing campaigns studied achieved substantial long-term profit growth without an investment in TV advertising. It has also been found that 84 per cent of adults believe TV advertising is most likely to influence their purchase decision.

It?s time to pick up your remote, find the best channel for your business and have a chat. You never know, for less than a few grand you?ll be on TV, regularly!

Michael Hammond is founder of Property TV.

Image: Shutterstock

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