From Alibaba to SMEs, this business bottled and monetised influencer marketing

Thought the services of online influencers were beyond the budget of your humble SME? They're not, says fresh-faced influencer marketing platform founder Ben Jeffries. As customers increasingly read up on businesses via social media, you better make sure that your company, digital or traditional, communicates the language of their goods and services online, and influencers can help you do that. (They don't even have to be celebrities).

11 min read

By Annie May Noonan

Sales and marketing teams can produce profits if they work together

Sales and marketing teams do not understand each other as well as they should. But when they do sales grow exponentially. Enter the term, "Smarketing", a process whereby both teams work together in blissful and profitable harmony.

8 min read

By Jan Cavelle

Are business survival statistics relevant?

Nearly half of UK businesses face a business survival crisis, but what can statistics show us?

25 min read

By Praseeda Nair


Yes, we're still talking about GDPR. Here's why

7 min read

Facing a stressed workforce? Tell them to follow these simple steps

8 min read

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