Will removing CEOs stop the domination of AI over human talent?

We've all heard tales of CEOs 'who couldn't let go'. However, Charles Towers-Clark, founder and (un-traditional) CEO of IoT frontrunner brand, Pod Group, is exactly the opposite of that. He relinquished all power as CEO and let his staff run the company, a move that's led to 50-100% YoY growth and little to no staff turnover.

15 min read

By Annie May Noonan

Staff motivation: Techniques, examples and quotes from SMEs

What motivates your staff to come to work? Money is an obvious answer, and an important one. But it doesn’t fully explain why your staff feel motivated, demotivated or somewhere in between.

17 min read

By Olly Goodall

Why military veterans are the next wave of Britain's top entrepreneurs

After years of protecting our borders and keeping peace, the return to civilian life can be difficult for many military veterans. A new awards programme recognises British ex-forces in business, shining a light on a unique group of business owners with an incomparable set of skills.

8 min read

By Praseeda Nair


What skills employees need to prepare for the future workplace

6 min read

Staff motivation: Techniques, examples and quotes from SMEs

17 min read

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