British ex-forces in business: Why military veterans are the next wave of...

After years of protecting our borders and keeping peace, the return to civilian life can be difficult for many military veterans. A new awards programme recognises British ex-forces in business, shining a light on a unique group of business owners with an incomparable set of skills.

8 min read

By Praseeda Nair

Eight awesome examples of social media business cards

Business cards and social media are both about making connections. They are also about looking the part.

5 min read

By Olly Goodall

Why parents in SMEs struggle with flexible working

The two biggest challenges facing working parents are flexible working arrangements and the cost of childcare. Policies and platitudes aren't enough. Here's why so many UK parents feel the pressure of imposter syndrome while juggling work and life.

16 min read

By Praseeda Nair


Career performance: Boost brain chemicals for success - 7 neuroscience proven...

6 min read

‘Nice-to-have’ or ‘need-to-have’ It’s time businesses decide on...

6 min read

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