Meet the co-working space that's producing award-winning businesses

Plexal is a London based co-working space that's doing things differently. From hosting hackathons to equipping their space with laser labs, let's find out what else they're doing to produce nationally recognised businesses.

14 min read

By Annie May Noonan

The Apprentice 2018, Episode 10 review - What “real” entrepreneurs think

We all know what Lord Sugar thinks of his Apprentice stars, but what do the entrepreneurs operating outside of the show think of his latest and greatest?

21 min read

By Staff writer

Mates and meat: How these co-founders jump-started a jerky revolution in the UK

In business, it's one thing to have an original idea, but it's quite another to lead the way in an entirely new market. These co-founders talk about the highs and the lows involved in being a product pioneer in the UK's meat snacks market.

14 min read

By Annie May Noonan


Will Germany scoop-up UK businesses post-Brexit?

5 min read

Get VAT ready with our easy-to-read guide.

10 min read

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