Why top brands keep changing their business motto

Revisiting a company motto or philosophy is necessary in an ever-changing world, but it can disrupt people’s sense of “who we are” and should be carefully managed, according to new research. We take a look at the world's biggest brands, their slogans, and how to manage consumer expectations when executing branding changes.

3 min read

By Praseeda Nair

Why SMEs should consider electric vehicle charging

What are the benefits of electric vehicles for small businesses? And what should you expect from your electric vehicle charging provider?

8 min read

By Olly Goodall

How to make the SME Culture Leaders list

Company culture can make or break any growing business. We spoke to the judges of this year’s SME Culture Leaders initiative (held in partnership with specialist HR software company Breathe) to work out what the winning formula is for making the list. Here’s the scoop. 

14 min read

By Praseeda Nair


What some of the best business intelligence examples can teach you

7 min read

How XE.com managed to thrive in a dynamic fintech space

8 min read

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