Business owners must wise up to the new fraud threat

As fraudsters try to perpetuate crimes from the comfort of their bedroom, SMEs must ensure they don’t leave the digital front door open for criminals to charge their way through.

6 min read

By Charlie Mullins

Why Fortnite creators sued a UK SME

After the developers of Fortnite took legal action against the organisers of a disastrous live event based on the computer game, businesses should understand their legal options if a third-party has caused reputational damages to their brand.

5 min read

By James Pheasant

The Spring Statement is good news for SMEs (if we have a Brexit deal)

What does the 2019 Spring Statement mean for SMEs up and down the country? Well, it's good news, including the fact that taxation may drop whilst wages will rise, enabling employers to access and assess the best talent out there and be able to make them stay. However, it all hinges on the UK exiting the EU with a deal in place.

10 min read

By Annie May Noonan


Why Fortnite creators sued a UK SME

5 min read

3 reasons fleet owners and company car drivers should test-drive a car before...

3 min read

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