1 in 5 to flexi-work during Olympics

In a survey of London-based small businesses by Cisco Systems, 22 per cent of respondents had plans in place for staff. Cisco said the results showed that around half were not prepared for the event which is expected to cause enormous travel delays in the Capital.

“London 2012 can offer many opportunities for UK SMEs, but only if they have the correct business strategy in place,” said Neil Crockett, managing director at Cisco London 2012. But many bosses have been angered by the likely upheaval to their business.

Meanwhile, the official London 2012 website is offering golden nuggets of advice such as: ?If you understand how your staff get to work, you could use this information to plan ahead and minimise disruption to your workplace.?

The Cisco survey found that four in ten respondents had not made special plans to cope with delays during the summer, while 22 per cent thought that absentee rates would suffer.

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