10 apps for improving office efficiency

There’s some controversy over the use of apps, for example whether or not they actually distract people in the office and if they can pose a data security risk for companies.

However, they can also be a boon for companies, increasing opportunities for collaboration and enabling the individual to streamline their work. 

It’s up to the employer, but if you do want to experiment with apps, we’ve compiled a short list for you. Note that some of these might only be available for certain operating systems, e.g. iOS, Windows, Android etc. 

1. Trello (product management)

Trello is a project manager which exists mostly as a website, but also as a mobile app. Trello consists of ‘boards’ which can be customised into themed columns and cards. A title can be added to each card, such as ‘to-do’, ‘members’ i.e. the people attributed to the job and a deadline. This makes it ideal for short projects, and a good tool in longterm ones (some companies even use it for their entire operations). Sign-up is free.

2. Evernote (note-taking and sharing)

Favoured by Cloud users, Evernote allows users to create and categorise notes, which can be synced across devices. Notes can be shared and collaborated on. It’s ideal for projects which require a lot of back-and-forth discussion as you exchange notes. Free to sign-up.

3. Skitch & Glui (fast photo-editing)

These desktop apps are great for quick photo-editing (cropping, labelling) and are both free. Skitch syncs with Evernote. Glui allows you to take snaps of specific parts of your screen with a crosshair and then edit them.

4. Converter Plus (currency conversion)

Converter, a paid desktop app, allows you to convert currencies. You simply type in the number of the currency you want to convert, and a customised column shows you the converted number in all the currencies you want. Quick, easy and on your dashboard.

5. Newsbar & Pocket (news, RSS and websites)

Newsbar is an RSS aggregator, which is useful for those in finance or media who need to keep a close eye on breaking stories. However, Newsbar isn’t limited to news sites that use RSS feeds: event sites, for example, also use these. Pocket is a simple and attractive app for bookmarking and curating bookmarks to either read-later or store for the future.

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