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10 digital trends to watch out for in 2014

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Here are my predictions for the 10 digital trends that I believe are set to be significant in the coming year.

1. The future of wearable tech

Wearable technology is gaining popularity and products such as Fitbit, Google Glass and the Galaxy Gear are set to take off next year.

Fitbit allows you to track the number of steps you take in the day and compile it with other information, to produce a snapshot of your daily activity and health. Similar technology is being used by medical professionals to keep track of patients wellbeing. In terms of advertising, this opens opportunities to deliver relevant messages, tailored for the consumers physical behaviour and state of health.

Google Glass and smart watches are also likely to grow. While price currently puts them out of reach for the mass market, their ease of use and practicality means theyll gain huge traction once they become more affordable. Brands will be feeling the benefits with both products opening up a bigger app market and new ways to engage customers.

2. The year of the internet of things

Next year could be the year of the connected home. The latest version of the internet protocol, IPv6, is gaining momentum with BT and Virgin both planning to roll out IPv6 services in the New Year. This will allow any device in your house to have its own dedicated internet address, making it accessible anywhere in the world and opening the possibility for smart tags and sensors on food products too.

3. Content leads the way

Global FMCG brands have led the way in using content strategy to inform digital marketing activities and now other brands are following suit by realising the value in creating and deploying digital content for their target audience.

SEO is becoming less about keywords and more about subjects, context and intent, which are promoted by strong digital content. As more and more content from digital publications is placed behind paywalls, brands can exploit the ever-growing consumer appetite for relevant content.

4. Big Data, brings big benefits

2014 will see more e-tailers using big data to learn more about their customers, personalise offers and predict market trends. With a wealth of information available online, and an increasing trend in showrooming, consumers are now able to compare products, services and prices anytime and anywhere, making it harder for retailers to retain customer loyalty.

Retailers need to harness the power of big data by employing a data driven commerce platform to anticipate their needs, adding convenience and creating an improved shopping experience through tools such as weatherFIT, which taps into weather data to optimise content and adverts.

5. Supercharged analytics

Universal Analytics, the latest iteration of Google Analytics, could revolutionise how data-driven marketers approach the multi-channel world we now live in. The most exciting feature of Google’s updated offering is the ability to push data from almost any source into Google Analytics. This means offline data can be brought into Google Analytics, and apply the same data-driven approach to “non-digital” marketing that had previously been limited.

Continue for trends six to ten…

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