10 downright crazy business ideas that worked – wacky part 2

If you’ve ever written up a plan and worked your socks off to implement it, only to have people promptly respond with “what the heck?”, then you might be on the right track to raking in millions! Ridiculous” Your idea Never!

These ten businesses, follow up’s from part one, show that with a little fun factor, you can easily become next season’s best-seller.

1. CitiKitty

Fed-up with having to empty the litter tray or can’t fit it in the kitchen without tripping over it” CitiKitty hopes to solve the problem by toilet training you cats. That’s right, this toilet training kit has estimated to have made $1m in revenues in 2011!Simply place the CitiKitty training seat on the rim of your toilet and lower the lid. The litter, which is used to fill the training seat, is supposed to do the rest. Founded by Rebecca Rescate, the training kit has so far made $700,000 in sales, with a $1m in revenues by year end.

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