10 downright crazy business ideas that worked

6. Pet rocks

After a night out in a bar listening to friends complain about their pets, Gary Dahl joked about preferring to keep a rock.?He later implemented his idea,?and although this craze died quickly, he earned $15,000,000 within six months.

7. Run for your lives

This company puts running faster when scared to the test. Run for your lives is a first-of-its-kind five k obstacle course race where contestants are chased by zombies, created by Reed Street Productions. Runners pay $57-87 to be chased, $50+ to chase runners as a living dead zombie and spectators can enjoy the mayhem for $22+.

8. Santa Mail

Starting in Alaska, 1949, Con Miller decided to live close to a trading post, funnily enough, called the North Pole. After having been mistaken for Santa, Con started calling his house the “Santa house”. Becoming a christmas shop and family business, Santa Mail sends personalized letters to children from the “North Pole”. More than 315,000 letters were sent since 2002.

9. Super Jam

Fraser Doherty sold jam made from his grandmother’s recipe. Starting with clientele from church the product became a hit, and two years later, he was approached by waitrose to sell SuperJam in their stores. SuperJam sells around 500,000 jars a year and makes up ten per cent of the UK jam market.

10. Wuvit

From the realisation that corn sewed in cloth would create a relaxing pillow after being put in the microwave, Wuvit was born. When local parent’s started asking for these specific pillows to help their kids sleep, now millionaire Kim Levine put the opportunity to the test and went to local retailers. The idea was a huge success.

Strange, yet brilliant, there will always be someone willing to try your product. Get wacky! Inspire and, with some caution to the wind, turn your mad idea into millions.

Goggles for dogs and pet rocks not crazy enough for you? Then what about toilet training kits for cats and vacuum cleaners that cut hair in the wacky sequel?

By Shan? Schutte

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