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10 incredibly simple ways your business can save energy and money

So in order to help, we thought here are ten simple tips to quickly make your business more energy-efficient.

1. Switch off appliances fully

If your people are leaving their PCs and other appliances on standby at the end of the day, this can become expensive. Just one PC and monitor can cost more than 50 every year if left switched on around the clock.

The best thing to do is to switch things off when leaving the office and make sure scanners and printers aren’t left on when they aren’t being used. Also unplug any chargers that aren’t being used if they feel warm, they are converting energy even if a mobile device isn’t attached.

2. Turn off those lights

When it’s bright outside or when office spaces aren’t in use, get the staff into the habit of switching off the lights. This can cut bills by up to 15 per cent. Remember too that energy-saving light bulbs save money over time, even though they are more expensive to buy than conventional bulbs initially. Invest in the latest models and you’ll really notice a difference on your bills.

3. Defrost kitchen appliances

If you have a staff fridge or freezer, buy frost-free models or defrost them regularly to ensure they are running efficiently and staying safe.

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4. Turn down the thermostat

Offices are very often too hot, so by turning the thermostat down, even by just one degree, your heating bills could drop by an incredible ten per cent. The same applies for air conditioning in summer, which eats up energy. Open windows if possible instead, and ventilate the office space naturally before resorting to air conditioning. Your staff will be healthier for it too.

5. Install a new heating system

If your current heating system is a few years old, it won’t be as effective as a newer model. You might think the expense of a new system isnt worth it, but you will save money on your heating bills, so youll soon see the cost savings. Modern heat pumps, such as those available at Anchor Pumps, are more energy-efficient and will meet your requirements and reduce your energy usage.

Continue you on the next page for the remaining simple energy saving tips, which could leave you slapping your head in realisation.



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