10 most compelling Christmas ads from UK high street retailers based on facial reactions

Google adviser Jack Hidary complimented Realeyes during an interview with Real Business on 24 November when he said the team comprises very inventive, agile-thinking entrepreneurs, commending them for entering “white space” with something fresh rather than using the “me too approach.”

Describing the company’s proposition, Hidary added Realeyes has produced a “software technology that can view a face via a camera and tell the emotional state of that person, whether they’re reacting to a video advertisement positively or apathetically, for example.”

And with the Christmas shopping season in full swing, Realeyes has used its platform for festive purposes by “measuring” the faces of Brits via webcam to gauge their reactions when viewing the merry marketing material creating by the UK’s 25 leading high street brands.

More than 2.2m facial data points were traced during the experiment, which generated “emotionally compelling” scores based on attraction, retention, engagement and impact on the viewers to reveal the top ten “most compelling high street Christmas ads” – they are: 

1. John Lewis – Monty the Penguin, which scored 84 per cent on the emotionally compelling scale. The result puts it in the top 16 per cent of ads ever measured by Realeyes.

2. Harvey Nichols – “Could I be any clearer” scored 80 per cent, with the ad designed to help people avoid receiving unwanted gifts this Christmas.

3. The Post Office – “Get Christmas all wrapped up” scored 80 per cent, featuring comedian Robert Webb and singer Pixie Lott.

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