10 most compelling Christmas ads from UK high street retailers based on facial reactions

Mihkel Jäätma, CEO, Realeyes, said: “There are four elements to make an ad resonate emotionally. Attract or hook the audience early, retain their attention, engage by invoking some form of reaction – the stronger the better – and finish with impact.

“Monty scored joint highest on engagement and impact with Harvey Nichols, but won because it was the best ad at retaining attention. However, both ads were very mid-table when it came to initial attraction.”

The remaining results of the top ten are:

4. Boots – “Special because” scored 64 per cent

5. Iceland – “Peter Andre and desserts” scored 63 per cent

6. Lidl – “Little present’ scored 59 per cent

7. Harrods – “Land of make believe” scored 57 per cent

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