10 most compelling Christmas ads from UK high street retailers based on facial reactions

8. Waitrose – “Gingerbread stall” scored 55 per cent

9. Sainsbury’s – “Christmas is for sharing” scored 55 per cent

10. House of Fraser – “Be you no matter who” scored 53 per cent

It’s unsurprising John Lewis came out on top – we’ve already reported on the success of the Monty’s Christmas ad, which generated seven million views on social media in 24 hours.

Celebrities have featured in two ads within the top ten, but Realeyes found that famous faces aren’t guaranteed to make an advert compelling success. The results show the Littlewoods promotion featuring Myleene Klass had the second lowest score of all 25 ads, while H&M’s  campaign with Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet was fourth lowest.

Jäätma, added: “H&M had the second lowest retention score of all the ads, which meant by the time Gaga and Bennett appeared, audiences had already drifted off – an expensive mistake. Featuring them earlier could have made a big difference.

“Despite being top of the charts and outperforming last year’s “Bear & Hare”, Monty still didn’t reach the heights of our all-time Christmas winner, Harvey Nichols’ humorous “Sorry I Spent It On Myself” from last year, which is in the top 4 per cent of ads we’ve ever tested.”

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