10 most-endangered office products of 2012

What are the gadgets and stationery under threat for the coming year? Product supplier Pixmania-Pro has revealed its annual list.

The list, which features portable IT products and even the humble water cooler, was compiled by a panel of specialists who reviewed historical and current sales data as well as the newest technological innovations to predict those products potentially under threat for 2012.

The list of ten most-endangered office products is:

  1. Desk phones ? to be replaced by smartphones.
  2. USB sticks ? to be replaced by cloud networking.
  3. Blank CDs ? again, to be replaced by cloud networking.
  4. Scanners ? as paper files lose ground, so do scanners.
  5. Calculators ? use your smartphone instead.
  6. Filing cabinets ? store your documents online.
  7. Paper in-trays ? again, send and store your documents online.
  8. The office notice board ? being replaced by company intranets.
  9. Post-It notes ? use messaging facilities online instead.
  10. Water coolers ? being replaced by plumbed-in water filters.

“This year?s list features a great range of products. While the decline in the use of blank CDs and desk phones may not come as a shock to everyone, it’s surprising to see iconic products such as the water cooler and filing cabinet make the top ten,” says Pixmania’s Olivier Chameyrat.

“However, it’s clear that the office environment is continuing to evolve and therefore the technology and furniture in that environment must do likewise. With space at a premium for company owners and the continued rise of cloud computing, these bulky items no longer have a place.”

Has Pixmania missed anything? Which objects do you think will disappear in 2012?

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