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10 of cloud computing’s good points in the aftermath of ‘Celebgate’

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It reminded everyone that cloud services come with great risks too. 

When choosing a cloud service provider, remember to evaluate security and data protection measures in order to keep your business safe. You should also consider some alternative ways of storing the most sensitive documents. 

Despite security issues, cloud storage remains one of the most efficient ways to manage data for small businesses. Here are some of the most important rewards of using this new generation system:


Managing a large database and complex software is easier. Cloud is easy to use, even if the user is not techno-proficient. It is also easy to share data with other people by directly granting them access to the cloud.


Unlike traditional databases, clouds arent accessible only from one computer, from one place. It’s possible to access important files and documents from any device, including smartphones, tablets and personal computers, from anywhere. The only requirement is the internet access.

Low price

While many old-fashioned file storage units are expensive, the cloud system is much cheaper or even free of charge. Not having to spend a fortune on server space and bandwidth can surely benefit any beginning and even more advanced entrepreneur. What is more, it doesnt require installing any additional software.


Traditionally, companies had to pay a lot of money for server maintenance, database updates, support personnel and file security. The cloud system does it all automatically and externally. There is no need to manually adjust any aspect of the cloud.


Even if something does go wrong, there is usually a team of specialised support employees to help. At the same time, there is no need to hire any specialist of this kind full-time, so it saves money. The support team is ready to help and is experienced in this very field, as the members manage such cases on a daily basis.


While it has been already mentioned that cloud systems are automated, they are also easily customisable. It is the entrepreneur who chooses what, where, when and how to store, share and access in the chosen cloud system. It is like using a car with a double gearbox. It can be driven on automatic shifting, but can be changed onto manual when necessity arises.


The cloud system market is developing quickly, so more and more new providers are emerging out there. Some are free, some are not. The right choice can be crucial, so it is always essential to thoroughly evaluate the options and carefully read the small print. Choosing the right cloud operator may be the win or lose factor in the future success of a small company.


One of the chief executives of a cloud system provider was quoted saying that their customers data security is the most vital feature there is. This is caused by the fact that once a provider has a breach of security, its reputation goes to waste in a minute. Choosing the right, respected service is of absolute importance.


Having to back up all the data in a traditional file storage system can be really problematic and not very affordable, however necessary. Losing months or years of work has to be avoided. As cloud services host a large number of different business databases, just like with security breaches, permanent downtimes should not happen. By signing up for a reputable service, a business person can limit the risk of data loss and enhance the chance of recovery.

Energy saving

Taking care of the environment may not be the top priority for many small businesses, but for those who pay attention to ecological matters, it is worth noting that using a cloud service saves on average 30 per cent energy in comparison to traditional methods.

These are just ten reasons why a small business may benefit from using cloud services. There are more to be discovered by any small business individually. Undoubtedly, a cloud is the future and soon traditional file storage will be a long-forgotten practice.

Monique Craig works at Oneflare, an online marketplace, which connects customers with local service providers.

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