10 offbeat business apps to support entrepreneurial pursuits

1. Taxo’d

Dave Legion is a designer and animator by trade. A man who oozes creativity, which has been supercharged by him working as a freelancer for a better work-life balance.

Bit weird then, that he decided to launch an app for tax – an industry he loathes.

It harnessed Legion’s design expertise, but he held his hands up and admitted he’s no accountant. However, he believed he could provide a better service than the existing software on the market.

Legion, said: “It feels a little strange to have spent most of my life studying and working in the field I love most, only to set up a business in the area I once loathed the most.

“I knew if I could create something simple enough that I could use and understand then there would be many others like me who it could help too.”

The app was a finalist in the voting round for Richard Branson’s Pitch to Rich contest, and you can register for access to private beta testing now.


2. M&A Game

Do you like to unwind from the daily stresses of life by playing Angry Birds or perhaps Candy Crush? Whether yes or no, the M&A Game is perhaps a more productive title that should be downloaded onto your device.

The app boasts more than 40,000 players globally who are out to build a digital business empire. Who knows, maybe the skills learnt in the game can transfer into the real world of mergers and acquisitions.

Version three of the app was released in October to enable a multiplayer option, which caters to users with competitive streaks to allow challenges with friends and colleagues.

The M&A Game, which is available from the App Store and Google Play for free, counts the US as its largest audience, followed by the UK and Indonesia.


3. Charlie

You’ve got a meeting with someone you’ve never met before. You can go down the LinkedIn route, but what if you need more than that – and I don’t mean stalking them on Facebook.

That’s where Charlie comes in. The app claims to save more than 30 minutes a day, eliminating the need to complete multiple Google searches by aggregating details on an individual with a one page summary, almost like an infographic.

Executives from Dynamo PR, Groupon, Ogilvy are among users of the app, while some have admitted to feeling “naked” without using it before a meeting.

“Charlie aided me in closing my biggest ever, multi-million dollar deal. With over 30 stakeholders, this tool was instrumental in keeping abreast of all the movers and shakers to get us to close,” said Beth England, sales director at Hootsuite.

Want to close a multi-million dollar deal? Charlie is available on the App Store.

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