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10 offbeat business apps to support entrepreneurial pursuits

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4. The Link App

Does Lauren Riley look familiar? If so, that’s probably because she was in The Apprentice last year and had the pleasure, if that’s the right word, of working alongside Alan Sugar.

A qualified solicitor, Riley specialises in family law, which includes divorce, finances, separation, domestic violence and children.

She claims she developed The Link App in a bid to save time and money for both lawyers and clients, having noted how much time is spent keeping everyone updated with emails, calls and letters.

“I see myself as a bit of an entrepreneur and was using these skills to dramatically increase turnover of my family law department,” Riley said. “I was convinced there must be a better way for lawyers to communicate with their clients. After all, this is the 21st century.

“After listening to the continued grumblings of my colleagues I had my eureka moment and The Link App was born.”

Lawyers download the system onto their computers to access a list of clients they’re working with; from there they can choose from a list of pre-defined options to make case updates, which clients can then view on the iOS or Android app.

Although Riley was fired by Sugar in week seven, even he may be impressed with her persistence.


5. EatFirst

Having worked at Goldman Sachs, Rahul Parekh is well aware of the long hours and little free time that professionals have – especially when it comes to having a healthy diet and fending off the easy option of fast food.

Understanding that many Londoners endure the same problem, the idea for EatFirst was born. Billed as an “online restaurant”, the app allows users to order balanced meals that are then delivered to them.

Michelin chefs are behind the guilt-free meals, which include herb roasted chicken, salmon nicoise salad, butternut squash quesadillas, grilled peach salad and more, resulting in delivery of over 100,000 dishes.

“Eat First brings the restaurant experience wherever you are and solves the dilemma of coming home to an empty fridge after a long day and giving in to a guilty take-away,” said Parekh.

EatFirst is available on the App Store and Google Play.


6. The Dry Cleaner App

Admittedly, The Dry Cleaner App doesn’t have the most imaginative of names, but you immediately know what it does, so brownie points for that.

Having launched in Manchester, the service is expanding across the UK and Ireland to support busy – and lazy – Brits with the means to book the services of local garment care shops directly through its app, which acts as a marketplace.

Beyond dry cleaning, the app supports shoe repair, ironing and more on-demand, which is ideal if a heel decides to snap off or if an outfit is looking slightly too crushed after travelling for an overnight trip.

The Dry Cleaner App can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play.


7. Pryvate

In a world where hackers are ramping up their efforts to infiltrate company data – just look at TalkTalkPryvate is a new app designed to keep business communications hidden from prying eyes.

With government-grade, military-approved encryption, Pryvate claims to be the only app on the market to deliver security across voice, conference and video calls, as well as instant messenger and email.

To maximise security, new encryption keys are generated within the app for each communication session. And unlike many of today’s apps, Pryvate doesn’t need 4G or high data speed to work.

Pryvate can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play.

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