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10 offbeat business apps to support entrepreneurial pursuits

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8. Henchman

Henchman is the Fulham-born delivery service that has completed two six-month sessions as a part of PayPal’s Start Tank incubator.

Having graduated from the second cycle in October 2015, the app has achieved 24 per cent week-on-week growth over the past six months.

What’s particularly interesting about fast-growing Henchman, however, is its ability to provide Londoners with the goods they desire in just one hour. 

Although it’s started to partner with companies such as Wasabi, app users can order items that are typically undeliverable, including McDonald’s, KFC or even flu tablets.

So, should you be trapped at your desk with a craving for a cheeseburger Happy Meal, a new set of footwear for a last-minute evening out after work or a bottle of wine to take to a client, Henchman has got you covered.

The app can be downloaded on the App Store or orders can be made online.


9. ShopKeep

Jason Richelson started off as the owner of a Brooklyn wine store, which he grew into a $7m business with 70 members of staff.

Seemingly he’s made quite the transition as the beverage connoisseur went on to become the founder and CEO of ShopKeep, an iPad-based sales platform designed to act as a till for small retailers.

The idea came to him when his Windows-based POS system was experiencing difficulties when he was on holiday, which resulted in a server crash that halted sales at all stores.

Having secured multiple investments, the most notable funding round came in the form of a $60m Series D that will allow the American firm to enter the UK.

Richelson said: “From the moment I founded this company in the back of my grocery store in 2008, we’ve worked towards one objective – making independent retailers and restaurateurs more successful. We now provide a one-stop-shop for merchants looking for cutting edge technology and 24/7 personal customer service.

“With this funding we’re looking to fundamentally change how small businesses are run in the UK. We’re essentially becoming an affordable IT department for the small business owner, democratising access to the kind of technology and data that used to be the preserve of big corporates.”

Does your till seem like it’s on its last legs? ShopKeep could be for you.


10. PushDoctor

Nobody likes going to see the doctor – and if you do then you should probably see a doctor. It takes up time, they’re always running behind schedule, and it’s all a rather tedious experience.

This is where PushDoctor comes in.

The online service prevents sitting amongst ill people in a waiting room with a digital experience that provides face-to-face communication between a patient and doctor via a video conference.

Users simply book an appointment, receive a text reminder, sign in on the website or via the app and then have a consultation with the doctor. The medics are also able to provide prescriptions and referrals too.

Dr Adam Simon, chief medical officer at, said: “At, we support the needs of busy patients who increasingly do not find the time to get away from work or busy home lives to get to the doctor; our patients are prepared to pay a small fee in order to see doctor at a time and place that works for them and enjoy healthcare that works around them.”

More details on how the service works can be viewed on the company website and the app can be downloaded on the App Store.

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