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10 things you need to know when it comes to attracting the right clients

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In order to do this well, these are the ten things you need to know!

1. Your craft

It is one thing knowing how to market yourself, but if you dont have the skills and competence to deliver, then you are unlikely to consistently attract the right clients.

Ask yourself: How can I continue to develop my competence to be at the top of my game   What books could I read What courses or seminars could I attend And, who could I hire as my coach or mentor to challenge me to perform at my best

2. Your ideal client

You may have skills that mean that you can help lots of different types of clients, but if you try and attract everyone, you will attract no-one. 

Ask yourself: What kind of client do I REALLY want to work with Who do I work with now that fits this profile What type of person are they And, what type of business are they in

3. The pain they are in

An undisturbed prospect doesnt buy. This is why like it or not, you have to be clear about the pain your ideal client is experiencing (and how you take that pain away!) so that you can talk to it .

Ask yourself: What problems do they have Why do they have these problems What obstacles get in the way of them resolving them And, what would they pay anything to avoid, improve, lose or gain

4. The specific results you deliver

What you do isnt important to your clients. They dont really care. What they care about it what you do for them.  

Ask yourself: What do I ultimately deliver What is really in it for them And, what do they have once theyve worked with me that they didnt have before

5. The different ways you deliver those results

Results are important to your client, but different clients will have different preferences for how you deliver them. This means packaging your offering in way that enables them to ask which one rather than yes or no .

Ask yourself: What different preferences do they have What different packages can I offer How can I deliver my value in different ways And, what fee structures would appeal to them

6. Who your competitors are

Your competitors are not just the people who do what you do. Your competitors are also the people who set out to attract the same clients and that claim to fix the same problems that you do.

Ask yourself: Who targets the same clients as me Who claims to fix the same problems as me And, who do I lose business to on a regular basis

7. What makes you unique

As you know, your competitors are out there marketing to your clients. You need a unique claim something that sets you apart from them, so that your ideal client understands why they should work with you rather than your competitors.

Ask yourself: Of all the people who do what I do, what do I deliver that others dont   What results can I promise that others dont And, why should a prospective client work with ME as opposed to someone else

8. Why you are credible

Credibility is important not only because it attracts clients, but also because it reminds you why others should work with you. Listing your credibility factors enables you to stand by your claim with confidence which instils confidence in your ideal client.

Ask yourself: What is it about my background that gives me credibility What expertise do I have And, what experience do I bring

9. How to communicate the value you bring

Knowing all of this stuff is great, but you need to be able to communicate it effectively.  The best way to ensure that your message is clear is to write down the benefits, results and solutions you deliver in a way that a ten year old can both understand and repeat.

Ask yourself: How can I convey my value in a way that compels the other person to ask me How do you do that How can I say that in 60 seconds And, how can I say that in ten words

10. Where to find them!

Once you know who your ideal clients is, the pain they have and how you resolve that, and once you know how to communicate that to them in a way that they can understand and repeat, you need to find them!

Ask yourself: Where do they go What do they read What seminars do they attend   Where do they network What social media channels are they using   Who else do they do business with And, who else has a list of them

These are the things you need to KNOW to attract the right clients. Of course, there are things that you need to DO too, however, youll be surprised at the difference having this conscious knowledge makes to your client attraction.

Tamsen Garrie is the owner of Alpha Associates Ltd and author of The Act of Attraction

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