10 tips to cut your office printing costs

These 10 simple tips can help your office continue to produce professional prints at a fraction of the price. 

1. Duplex printing

It’s possible to immediately halve the paper quantity that your office consumes by switching all printers to duplex (double-sided) printing. This option ensures that the printers print on both sides of the paper – using all the space available. Duplex printing will not reduce the quality of the printed output, creating professional-looking printouts. 

2. Invest in quality consumables

When replacing ink and toner cartridges for your printer, it may be tempting to select cheaper off-brand alternatives to those produced by a trusted manufacturer. In the vast majority of cases these cheaper alternatives offer false economy – providing inferior print quality and a shorter life length.

“The best-known and most-respected printer manufacturers and brands have developed their consumables using decades of experience – providing the very best user-experience and quality of service,” explains printer specialist Printerland. “Lesser-known brands can often offer inferior quality service.”

3. Standardised fonts

Controlling the font used by your workforce may seem like overkill, especially for prints used internally – but it can help the office save significant amounts of money in the long and short term. Ink-conservative fonts such Century Gothic can help reduce the ink used on every page of printed paper, when compared to fonts such as Arial. 

It is preferable to change the default font, so your team won’t have to remember to alter it every time they come to create a new document for printing.

4. Culture of care

Although it is possible to alleviate the burden of changing fonts from your workforce, there are other ways in which their cooperation and consideration can help. 

Creating a conservative culture of care within the office and changing attitudes towards printing can help minimise costs. Encouraging all members of the team to perform careful sub-editing checks and using Print Preview tools can reduce the risk of mistakes being made and costly re-prints necessitated.

5. Eco-friendly printing

If your printer comes equipped with eco-friendly options – these can achieve more than simply saving the planet. Many of these options will reduce the amount of power used by the printer, subsequently cutting the cost-per-page. Where possible, turn all these eco-friendly options on to save money and the environment. 

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