10 ways to boost your visibility on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great mechanism for showcasing your credibility, which is equally applicable if you are looking for a new job or new clients.

Similar to Twitter, LinkedIn is a personal branding medium. Use it to represent your personal brand, not just your company (you can also add your company to LinkedIn, separately).

Here are ten ways in which you can use LinkedIn to show case your credibility:

  1. Answer LinkedIn questions in your area of speciality
  2. Request recommendations from people that you’ve worked with, especially clients
  3. Upload presentations, white papers and videos to LinkedIn’s Slideshare application
  4. Use video testimonials on your profile (using Google presentations)
  5. In the expertise section, add some recent career highlights and achievements
  6. Fill out all the sections of your profile
  7. Update your status update a couple of times a week with what you are doing professionally – ideally highlighting your achievements
  8. Connect your blog using the WordPress application or Typepad application
  9. Share valuable content using the status updates
  10. Participate in groups relevant to your areas of expertise and answer questions which showcase your expertise
What have I missed out?

Heather Townsend is the founder of The Efficiency Coach. Follow her Joined Up Networking blog for more useful tips and tricks. She has just been commissioned to write the FT Guide to Business Networking.

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