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10 ways to turn your life around for the better

10 ways to turn your life around for the better

Have you ever woken up one morning and felt frustrated about where you are in your life Have you ever created some sort of meaningful change but are unsure how to achieve it” It is easy for us to get ‘stuck in a rut’, especially when we are having to meet demands at work while still balancing a personal life, all under the restrictions that Covid-19 has posed on us.

But there are many simple ways that you turn around your life for the better and find more fulfilment in your day-to-day life. The secret is consistency. You won’t turn your life around by drinking one more glass of water than usual for one day, but over a year, that extra glass of water each day could dramatically improve your health.

If you feel like you want to see positive change in your life, you could begin with the following practices:

#1 Journaling

Journaling has proved itself to have many long term benefits such as clearer thinking and reductions in stress and anxiety. There are many different ways you could journal, like through drawing mind maps, or by writing about your day. Journaling helps get all the thoughts that may have been eating you up on the inside down on paper where they can be examined more carefully or simply purged of.

The great thing about journaling is all you need is a notebook and a pen, two very affordable items that can be tossed into your bag so that you can journal during your lunch break or your commute to and from work.

It is recommended that you journal at least once a day, and with consistency, you’ll find that journaling will become something you really look forward to as you’ll begin to reap its benefits and even potentially get to know yourself better through journaling.

#2 Decide which of the people in your life are adding value

Have you heard the saying that you are an accumulation of the top five people that you spend the most time with” With this notion in mind, you should take a good, long look at the people that you spend the most time with and assess whether they are adding value to your life or not. Unfortunately, not everyone will have your best intentions at heart, and you may find that some people close to you do not bring out the best in you.

It may be hard to cut out people that have been in your life for a long time, but only you will know which relationships are worth saving.

Focus on the people in your life that you feel that you can truly be yourself around and have the same values as you do. By putting energy into healthy relationships, the unhealthy ones will slowly fade away. Remember that no person is perfect, and even people that are good for you won’t always do the right thing.

#3 Look into volunteering

If you are looking to gain fulfilment in your life, one of the best ways to do this is through giving back. By donating your time and/or money to a cause that is truly close to your heart, you’re likely to start experiencing feelings of humility, fulfilment, and gratitude. As much as you’ll be helping a good cause, you’ll also be helping yourself.

If you are not sure which organisation you should apply to volunteer for, follow your passions and look into the available resources online to get some ideas.

#4 Prioritise your health

One of the most effective ways to truly turn your life around is to prioritise both your mental and physical health. If your body and mind are not healthy, you’ll struggle to bring about any positive change in your life.

Old habits die hard, and it can be difficult to completely transform your lifestyle through healthy eating and a new exercise regime. Make changes to your routine that you think would be sustainable. For instance, if you currently do zero exercises in a week, look at starting with two 5km walks per week instead of signing up for five classes at the gym. Start small and slowly build up your healthy habits, as you’re less likely to desert them that way.

The same goes for eating. Slowly start swapping out unhealthy foods in your pantry for similar but healthier options. This a proven and effective way to start eating more healthily in a way that you’ll be able to maintain?

#5 Rediscover your passions

If you are not sure what your passions are, look at the things that you loved doing as a child. What would you do every day if you didn’t have to go to work” While you may not be able to become a famous singer overnight, why not start by going to karaoke with your friends on the weekends if singing is something you are truly passionate about. Reigniting your passions will bring joy, inspiration, and motivation into your life.

Even if you think your passions are ‘silly’, not following your dreams and exploring your passions may be one of your biggest regrets in years to come. Time is precious, especially our free time, so use it wisely on the things that will make you truly happy.

#6 Organise your finances

Do you have a good handle and understanding on your finances” Organising your finances will help with budgeting, saving, and ensuring that everything is paid on time. At the end of every month, create a pie graph of all your monthly expenses and see which areas you could cut back on.

There are many apps that you could download to help you keep track of your spending, and give you clarity over your finances. Know where your money is going to, and exactly how much is coming in every month.

#7 Minimise some of your belongings

Since we are spending more time than ever before in our homes, clutter can begin to take up mental and physical space. Doing a good spring clean of your space will help minimise your unnecessary belongings. Although the Marie Kondo method of only keeping what ‘sparks joy’ has recently come under some heat, it is a great place to start when getting rid of things.

Be mindful when buying things that will take up space in your home. Spend money on experiences rather than things, and only buy loathing and homeware that you really need.

#8 Swap out TV and social media for documentaries and podcasts

TV, social media, and even some music can create a mental fog. Pumped with advertisements and exceptionally high beauty standards, the world of social media and pop culture can leave us feeling less than. And this is what big brands want us to feel so that we can continue to buy products that make us thinner, cooler, and more desirable.

This is all a facade. Feed your brain with informative podcasts and documentaries about things that truly interest you, and you will find much more value and fulfilment in your life than if you were to spend this time scrolling through social media or watching reality TV.

#9 Spoil yourself

Look, life is short. If you are focused on only the necessities of life, you will definitely miss out on the fun stuff. It is so easy for life to get dull and mundane, and one way to keep things exciting is to spoil yourself every once in a while. Even if you don’t make a fortune, spoiling yourself does not have to cost much. It can be as simple as buying yourself your favourite sweet treat after work on a Friday.

Self-care has become a very popular trend, and through spoiling ourselves through our favourite meals, candlelit baths, reading our favourite books, and buying ourselves a little pressie every now and again, we prove to ourselves that we are and love ourselves. You are the most important person in your life. If you are not taken care of and loved, you will not have anything to give to others.

#10 Work towards a goal

Life can often begin to feel meaningless if you don’t have some sort of long-term goal that you are working towards. What is it that you want to get out of life Whether it’s saving for a huge house and a fancy car or simply getting enough money together so that you can retire in a cabin in the woods, success looks different for everyone.

You should have lists of both short-term and long-term goals that you are working towards that should cover a variety of aspects in your life. Everyone’s goals will be unique to their personal lifestyle and values, so ensure that you don’t compare your goals to others.

Some of these practices may seem very basic, and some will be suited to certain people more than others, but implementing them into your life could help you experience the positive change that you want to see in your life. Remember to be patient with yourself as all good things take time.


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