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11 expert tips for recruiting on social media

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Mark Rice, Creative Director and Co-founder, andSoMe

The Basics – Always start with a strategy
Why are you using Social Media Who is your target audience What do you want to say It’s pointless thinking you should use it just because everyone else does, you need to use it because it’s the right platform to reach the candidates you want to speak to.

Don’t do what I do
There is a temptation with social media to see what others do and then replicate it yourself. It never works. By all means, be aware of best practice and techniques, but don’t think that’s the only way to use social. Find your own way, what works for you not someone else.

Ignore all the rules
There are too many opinions by too many gurus (maybe I’m being ironic here) telling you how you should tweet, how many hashtags to use, when you should update, what content works best. Do they know your audience Probably not. Use your knowledge to experiment yourself. Sure you may fail at first, but you will learn more along the way for the next time.

Enjoy it
Once you’re up and running on social, have some fun. There’s nothing better than a random conversation with a candidate about something other than careers and jobs. They like it. You’ll get a buzz. Tweet with personality – it shows you’re a person, even if your social avatar is a logo.

Taelon Vorster, Lead Digital and Social Media, Pink Squid

Platform – Identify, understand and correctly use the platform that is right for your audience. For example, we recently used Snapchat in a campaign to engage with potential apprentices.

Power – Have a strong brand identity. This doesn’t mean thousands of followers, but knowing your target market and using the correct tone of voice and consistency across all platforms. Quality beats quantity every time.

Passive – The most important market is passive. Engage with potential employees before they have even realised they want a job with you. Don’t bombard people with job postings on social. That’s what job boards are for.

Ben Fox, Social Media Strategy Lead, ThirtyThree

Create a culture, tell a story
No matter the size of your business, the number one challenge that you will face when using social media platforms is making people feel good about you as an employer. Candidates will have a preconceived idea or no idea at all.

Thats where social media channels can be a useful tool in selling the practicalities of a role. Your business is unique and by telling the story of your brand, potential candidates will better understand you, your journey and your future. Be as visual as possible, photos and graphics will captivate and give people a chance to see the world through your eyes.

Invest in paid-for advertising
In an online world, the majority of your recruits will come directly through your website. Whether you’re using social media channels or not, you should definitely invest some budget into paid-for advertising. The favoured platforms are Google and Facebook, as they offer cheap but effective clicks through to a destination. LinkedIn is an alternative option, but will cost significantly more money. On the plus side, you only pay for the clicks that you receive so even a small budget (e.g. 10 a day) will considerably increase your visibility online.

Expand your network by being social
Twitter is a key platform in todays online environment. The best part for me is that it’s a free service, and users arent obliged to tweet 10 times a day or follow thousands of celebrities if they dont want to. Build the audience that you want to have by telling the world about your business, what you do, what youve had to do to get there, what it’s like to work there and where you’re going. People that want to work there will follow because it’s in their interest to know more about you and your industry.

Use social media as an online network
LinkedIn is a great platform to maintain your online connections. But even more so, it’s a great place to build new relationships with potential candidates and other professionals. There is very little etiquette on LinkedIn when it comes to connecting with a person who might be of interest to you, so connect with as many people as you can and start a conversation. LinkedIn Groups are also a wonderful way to connect with like-minded people, who will have shared similar experiences and can help you through your current challenges.

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