If you’re struggling to get to grips with your new camera phone, give TMTI (Talk Me Through It) a bell. This Somerset-based company will help you sort out your tech troubles step by step. It was set up by brothers Crispin and Geremy Thomas in 2003 and is already pulling in sales of £5m.

Crispin came up with the idea at the launch of Vodafone Live. “I asked a salesperson to show me how to send a picture message. She didn’t have a clue. I thought, ‘If she can’t do it, the general public doesn’t stand a chance’.”

Working with retailers such as Sainsbury’s and Woolworths, Crispin describes the company as a “returns doctor”: “If we can help consumers use their new gadgets, we can stop them taking things back.”

TMTI launched its new online service gadgethelpline.com in September last year. For a monthly fee of £2.99, you can speak to someone every time you hit a technical stumbling block. It’s already attracted 70,000 members. This company looks like it will just keep growing and growing.


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