11 tricks to build your brand online

British businesses are competing. They are in a race with another estimated 5.4 million businesses, to get their brand noticed. 

Whether doing this by screaming, dancing or evening miming, small business owners may still struggle to get their brand?s voice heard. 

I’ve put together a list of simple tips that can help you take on the brand big boys.

(1) Little things can make a huge difference

Notice how this is a list of top 11 tips? That?s because everyone else does a top 10. We?ve gone one better. Little and often simple differentiators like this are what makes people look twice ? an invaluable asset in the quest for awareness in a busy online world.

(2) What?s your story?

The beauty of a smaller business is that there?s usually people behind it with a real genuine passion for what they do. If you?re one of them, show it. Write blogs, post vlogs, become a spokesperson for your industry. Your business?s unique selling point is that it isn?t a faceless corporation. Shout about it.

(3) Get personal

For businesses, social media can feel like a place where customers go to moan. But it?s important that your business is present, responding to queries and generally helping people out. 

Even if it is a complaint, you?d be amazed at how happy people can be with a friendly, human interaction, or just some acknowledgement. And there?s no better marketing technique than word of mouth.

(4) Hashtag hijacking

If you see something trending on Twitter that you sort of, kind of, maybe think relates to your business, JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON. 

Send your tweet using the hashtag, and anyone who explores that trend will see your business. Congratulations, you?ve just grown your audience. One tweet is all it can take for your business to go viral. Just make sure it?s for a good reason.

(5) Email isn?t dead

Despite what millennial think pieces might have you believe, email marketing isn?t a thing of the past. Email use is growing in the business sector and by 2018, business email will account for over 139.4 billion emails sent and received per day. 

Email outperforms other marketing strategies, earning on average $43 for every $1 spent and email marketing services are a great way to help you save time. For a monthly fee you get a certain amount of emails you can send out, and there are tools available to look after the automatic removal of bad addresses, duplicates and unsubscribes.

Why is it key for you to actually get out of the office and shake hands? What is the importance of looking professional and knowing what you’re talking about? And how can beer help to get the juices flowing? Find out on page two…

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